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Weekend Maids


The main goal of weekend maids was to operate as a small business in the house cleaning industry. They wanted a portal that would recognize the unique needs of individual customers and churn out various cleaning services. As an Agency for professional cleaners, they wanted a website that connects households seeking house cleaning services with professional cleaners.

They faced troubles in providing a centralized platform to professional cleaners and their service seekers. Alongside this, they struggled to establish their brand presence and find loyal customers. With this challenge, they approached Wingstek for our scaling solutions. We took this challenge hands-on and developed a seamless website along with search engine credibility.

Weekend Maids – An Introduction

Weekend Maids is the best and most appropriate solution for those who want to experience the best cleaning of their homes and workplace to encourage a clean and better environment. Customers can easily book an appointment through the platform and make safe online payments.

There are many things that make them unique and help them stand out over all other service providers. The website we build for them provides customers with a quick and convenient way to get their places cleaned without any hassles.

Major Obstacles We Overcame

The client faced troubles in building a centralized digital platform where cleaning service providers and households can connect effortlessly across all states.

A website is the best way to reach a large section of the audience across multiple states. Since their Primary goal was to provide Personalized Customer Service without any disruptions, we built a user-friendly and secure website. We provided customers with an online booking system, that allows customers to check availability and select their preferred dates and times, add their details, and make secure payments online. This way people were able to find cleaning service providers nearest to them.

Managing all of the services and allocating resources was a complex process for the client.

A service-based website needs a powerful backend to manage all the tasks, such as scheduling time slots for customers, allotting cleaners to customers, reporting, etc. We incorporated a powerful admin panel to assist our clients in performing these tasks seamlessly. Through the admin panel, the client could keep track of all the activities of the website through a single click.

Gathering skilled cleaners and service partners on the platform was a difficult task for the client.

We recognized that being a service provider company, our client needed qualified and trustworthy professional cleaners. We incorporated an easy registration form for the cleaners to work with the organization. Also, provide a separate section for informative and supportive blogs for easy cleaning.

The client had many competitors in the market who were already very established which made acquiring new customers very difficult.

Attracting new customers while retaining the old ones is a task. So we provided exclusive on-page and off-page SEO services to create an optimized search campaign for Weekend Maids. We added search engine-friendly elements in the website code for better ranking. Besides, we handled off-page SEO through link building to increase website reach and visibility. We consistently publish new content for them for better relevancy.

The client was facing issues in building a loyal customer base.

Customers love discounts because they save money and feel like they’re getting access to something exclusive and limited. Through our loyalty program, we encourage existing customers to continue utilizing the client’s services by providing them with a variety of coupons, conditional, referral, and seasonal offers.

The client was facing trouble in providing accurate service rates to the customer.

The client wanted to provide services in different states and areas with varying taxes system. Also, the costing needed to be differentiated based on varying factors such as services chosen and offers applied. Therefore, we added an advanced pricing system where the rates are automatically adjusted according to the fields chosen by the customers. This conditional pricing system also adjusts rates according to the geographical location of the customers.

Providing a secure payment system for the customers was a major concern for the client.

Since we had the responsibility of building a website for Weekend Maids, we put our best foot forward to ensure its security. A secure connection via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology is established with our web browser to ensure that users’ details are encrypted and securely communicated within the website, safe from fraudulent threats.

Outcomes We Delivered

With a seamless website that is ready to use, we delivered a centralized solution to address each and every concern of our client. Have a look at some of the transforming results we delivered for Weekend Maids:

  • A resourceful user interface that brings customers and cleaners together with concepts from interactive design, visual design, and information architecture.
  • Distant users will not face difficulties in going to physical offices and it will enhance their user experience.
  • Users are able to easily book appointments for different cleaning services for any weekday and pay securely online for any services.
  • We helped to expand the brand’s visibility on search engines with our SEO campaigns and we also post weekly blogs to engage the users.
  • The client is able to retain more users through loyalty programs in form of coupons and referrals.
  • The advanced customized pricing system has eased the rate calculations for both the company and its clients.
  • The client can now overview the website’s activities, like scheduling and reporting, through our comprehensive admin panel.

Client Feedback

"I’m extremely satisfied with their services. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking professional SEO services for their business."
Andy Aggarwal Product Manager