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Purple Beans, an organization inspired to boost growth in scaling businesses, faced challenges in lead generation and sought to enhance online engagement for its growth accelerator program called Growtherator 101. Recognizing the need for expert assistance, they turned to Wingstek.

Leveraging our expertise in organic and paid social media marketing, we crafted a comprehensive strategy to overcome their hurdles and drive significant improvements in lead generation and engagement.

Purple Beans’ Growtherator 101: An Introduction

Purple Beans formed a strategic collaboration with CICU, and GAME, to offer established businesses an exclusive pathway to amplify returns and achieve sustainable growth. Rooted in the “Mini MBA” framework, their program called Growtherator 101 empowers visionary business leaders to conquer their challenges.

It aspires to provide a holistic understanding of operations, including Customers (Sales), Cash (Finance), and Human Capacity, alongside workshops, hands-on exercises, and proactive stakeholder engagement. It creates a support network around like-minded business owners, mentors, bankers, trade associations, and government officials to boost a growth-oriented environment.

Major Obstacles We Overcame

Purple Beans faced a hurdle due to relying on outdated marketing methods to generate leads for Growtherator 101, impeding its target to reach more and more audiences.

Social Media Accounts Creation: To overcome this challenge, we began with profile analysis to find the most suitable platforms and strategies where our client could achieve the desired results. We created optimized profiles for Growtherator 101 across different social media platforms. The increased visibility led to a better brand presence and the right step in the direction of seeking a remarkable surge in high-quality lead acquisition.

Purple Beans was struggling with engaging its audience and maintaining a cohesive brand message.

Content Management: Addressing this concern, we initiated a systematic content curation process by keeping the client’s intent and goals in mind. Our team ensured a consistent flow of engaging and valuable content such as reels, stories, updates, and event notifications. We simultaneously engaged the potential clients through comments, messages, and inquiries. By synchronizing content delivery and adhering to a well-defined editorial calendar, we enhanced audience engagement and fortified the brand’s identity. This cohesive approach resulted in sustained resonance with the online audience.

Purple Beans’ lead generation strategies were not yielding desired results, leading to underperforming campaigns and untapped growth potential.

Paid Ads Campaign: Our team utilized advanced data-driven methodologies to execute a series of meticulously planned paid Facebook campaigns. We conducted rigorous A/B testing to refine campaign elements, including audience segmentation based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. This approach led to an accelerated rate of lead acquisition. By strategically employing these tactics, we witnessed a substantial increase in conversion rates, significantly boosting Purple Beans’ growth trajectory.

The absence of real-time performance insights hindered effective campaign optimization for Purple Beans’ social media initiatives.

Campaign Optimization: To address this challenge, we continuously monitored the campaign performance on Ads Manager. This helped us in analyzing real-time performance dashboards, allowing us to capture and analyze campaign metrics on the fly. Armed with this valuable data, we made timely, data-backed adjustments to our campaigns, ensuring optimal resonance, ROAS, and engagement. Alongside this, we kept the client updated with key ad metrics, including impressions, clicks, conversions, and cost per acquisition through regular reporting

Outcomes We Delivered

Through our strategic interventions, Growtherator 101 witnessed a significant transformation. Their online visibility and engagement skyrocketed, leading to a substantial increase in lead generation. Have a look at the impact we generated:

  • Skyrocketed Visibility: We achieved widespread brand recognition through comprehensive profile optimization.
  • Quantum Leap in Leads: Our data-driven Facebook campaigns resulted in a surge of valuable leads.
  • Steady Engagement Surge: Our meticulous content management ensured consistent audience engagement
  • Real-Time Performance: We empowered agile campaign optimization through integrated analytics.
  • Enhanced Brand Identity: Our content strategy enriched the brand messaging of the client and gained them more recognition.
  • Precision-Boosted Campaigns: We reached the right audience through targeted content and refined ads.

Client Feedback

"I am happy to have Wingstek as our marketing partners. They come up with great ideas and have great understanding about bringing qualified leads on the table, and they have managed to maintain our online presence well"
Padmasudha Chandrasekhar Program Facilitator