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Gerent Developers


Gerent Developers, a leading real estate investment agency in Delhi NCR, wanted to strengthen their social media presence and attract quality leads. 

They came to us for help when they faced challenges in generating leads. We used a mix of social media marketing and PPC services to boost their brand visibility, connect with a wider audience, and bring in valuable leads.

Gerent Developers: An Introduction

Gerent Developers is a well-known real estate investment agency specializing in offering lucrative real estate opportunities across Delhi NCR. Their extensive property portfolio, ranging from luxurious villas to prime commercial spaces, is meticulously curated to provide investors with profitable options in highly sought-after locales. 

Gerent Developers is focused on providing informed and scalable investments for clients looking for sustained growth and prosperity.

Major Obstacles We Overcame

Gerent Developers were struggling with reaching the right audience for offering their real estate investment services since it has a specific market. We introduced them to the modern ways of generating leads with a mix of organic social media marketing and paid campaigns. Let’s have a look at how we solved their problems:

Problem: Gerent Developers were still reliant on outdated marketing methods and did not have brand visibility on any social platform.

Social Media Accounts Creation: To address this, we chose the best approach for them which was to create social media accounts to highlight their brand. This involved creating and optimizing profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The intention was to provide a center stage where prospects can come and see their validity, and most importantly, get to know about their brand and engage with their posts.


Problem: They did not have a content strategy for organic lead generation and audience engagement.

Content Management: We discovered that standard posting would not work for them, so we crafted a detailed content calendar with a focus on diverse content types. This included reels, stories, promotional, and educational content, rich with the most relevant and trendy keywords. This modern approach is aimed at creating a dynamic, engaging narrative that aligns with the brand’s professional image and attracts organic leads just with the power of content.


Problem: Gerent Developers ran multiple campaigns on different properties but they had trouble reaching the right prospects and converting them into qualified leads.

Paid Ads Campaign:We refined their strategy by adopting the paid campaign approach. This involved conducting thorough audience research to identify and target the most relevant audience segments. Additionally, we optimized ad creatives and messaging to ensure maximum impact and engagement. By refining targeting parameters and continuously monitoring campaign performance, we aimed to drive higher-quality leads and maximize their ROI.


Problem: Our client did not know what was negatively impacting their campaign performance and growth opportunities.

Campaign Optimization:We implemented a continuous optimization approach. Utilizing Google Analytics and other monitoring tools, we established a dynamic feedback loop. This allowed us to measure campaign performance in real time, analyze data trends, and make data-backed adjustments promptly. This refined optimization process ensured that Gerent Developers’ campaigns were always finely tuned for maximum results

Outcomes We Delivered

We built Gerent Developers’ brand presence from the ground up. They were looking for a consistent boost in lead generation and we delivered that with a blend of creative and strategic approach. Have a look at the impact we generated:

  • Got Noticed Online: Our smart strategies on social media made sure everyone knew about Gerent Developers – they became a constant in the real estate space on social media.
  • More Engagement: By sharing interesting content, more people started liking, commenting, and sharing Gerent Developers’ posts. It was like building a community around them.
  • Better Leads: The ads we made brought in more people who were genuinely interested and had a higher chance of becoming happy clients.
  • Ads That Always Worked: Our tricks made sure that Gerent Developers’ ads were always doing well. We kept adjusting things in real time to get the best results.
  • A Stronger Brand Look: We made sure everything for Gerent Developers looked and felt the same. It helped create a strong and consistent image for anyone who visited their pages.

Client Feedback

"With our expert SMM and PPC services, we exceeded Gerent Developers' expectations. Their glowing feedback speaks volumes about our dedication to delivering outstanding results that fulfill all their needs."
Ishan Gandhi CEO